Transfer Policies

General Policies for All Transfer Students:

  • In general, UNC Asheville accepts all academic courses completed with a grade of C or higher from regionally accredited institutions. Courses of a technical nature, and those taken within an applied science curriculum do not generally  transfer.
  • Courses taken as pass/fail (graded S/U or P/F) will not transfer unless it can be determined that the student would have received a C or better if the course had been assigned a standard letter grade.
  • Transfer credit is not automatically awarded for First Year Seminars, independent study, practicums, internships, field experience or service learning courses. Petitions to receive credit for such courses will be considered if accompanied by syllabi or similar documentation.
  • Transfer credit is not automatically awarded for the Diversity Intensive requirement. A Petition to receive credit for this requirement may be submitted to the DI Coordinator and will be considered if accompanied by syllabi and other documentation noted on the form.
  • Transfer credit is NOT awarded for life experiences.
  • Applied courses, whether technical or methodological (except in the fine arts), are not transferable unless they fulfill specific degree requirements and are approved by the chair of the appropriate department.
  • Courses to satisfy General Education/Liberal Arts Core and major requirements are judged individually. They should be generally equivalent in information and methodology to courses in the university's core curriculum or major programs. In cases of doubt, the chairs of the appropriate departments will determine the equivalency accepted. Courses will be considered general electives if they are not part of the core curriculum or required for the major or minor.

University Requirements:

  • All students must complete at least 60 semester hours from 4-year institutions.
  • All students must complete 30 semester hours from 300- and 400-level courses
  • All students must complete their final 30 hours in residence at UNC Asheville
  • Students must complete at least 1/2 of their major and/or minor requirements at UNC Asheville
  • Students seeking a second degree or post-baccalaureate certificate of major must complete at least 2/3 of their major requirements at UNC Asheville.

Two Year College Transfers:

  • Students transferring from a 2-year institution must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours at UNC Asheville.
  • Students transferring with credit from more than one institution must complete at least 60 semester hours from 4-year institutions regardless of the amount of credit transferred from the 2-year school(s).