Registration occurs online via OnePort in most cases. To be eligible to register, an individual must be either a current student at UNC Asheville in good academic standing or a newly accepted student who has met any necessary requirements for enrollment.

Registration Information


  • Registration for Summer and Fall opens in early April. 
  • Registration for Spring opens in early November.
  • Registration dates depend on Earned Hours and can be found on the Registration Calendar.


  • Registration Access begins at 7 a.m. on the first day of each group’s registration period. Web Registration will be available 24 hours a day. Students must have a RAN in order to register. Students' RAN numbers are available from their advisor.
  • Closed Class Overrides are not available until the first day of classes. Students seeking to enroll in a closed class should choose the Waitlist option (see below).
  • Instructor Permission is required for some classes and is indicated in the Class Title. Students seeking to enroll in those classes should contact the Instructor for an Instructor Permission Override. The Instructor Permission Override will not grant registration access for a Closed Class.
  • Waitlists are available on almost all classes and we encourage students to choose the Waitlist option if they want to register for a class that is full. When students sign up for the Waitlist option and a seat becomes available, the 1st student on the Waitlist will receive an email notifying them that they have 24 hours from the date/time of the email to register for the class in OnePort. If the student does not register in the 24 hour period, their ability to register expires and the next student on the Waitlist is notified. Students should check their email daily for possible notification that they may register for a Waitlisted class. Students on the Waitlist are not automatically registered for the class - they must log in to OnePort and register themselves for the class.
  • Please remember to check for any holds that you might have on your account.
  • If you do not plan to enroll for the next semester, you must complete the online Enrollment Notification form.
  • Payments: Payment for Fall semester is due August 1. Payment for Summer is due May 20.

Registration FAQ

When will the schedule of classes be available online?

The schedule of classes is available for viewing on the web after the designated Fall Break for the upcoming Spring semester and after the designated Spring Break for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters.

When is registration?

Registration occurs for current students in April for summer and fall classes, and in November for spring classes. The Office of the Registrar produces a Registration Calendar with specifies the registration start date depending on a student's earned hours (in-progress classes are not included). 

How do I get on a class waitlist?

  1. Log in to OnePort and try to register for the course.
  2. If the course is closed, students will receive one of two messages:
    a. “Closed – waitlist open”: This means space is available on the waitlist.
    b. “Closed – waitlist closed”: This means the waitlist is full.
    Note: If a message of "Open - Reserved for Waitlist" is received, this means that a seat in the class has opened but is reserved for students on the waitlist.
  3. If students receive the “closed – waitlist open” message, they may add themselves to the waitlist via OnePort and wait for a seat to open. The option to add to the waitlist is under the drop-down box where they add/drop. Students may monitor their position on the waitlist via OnePort by viewing their detailed schedule.
  4. If students receive the “closed – waitlist closed” message, they will not have the option to add themselves to the waitlist because no additional spots are available. Students may, however, check back periodically to see if a space on the waitlist becomes available.
  5. If students place themselves on the waitlist and a seat opens up in the course, notification is sent to their UNC Asheville email. Students then have 24 hours from the time the notification is sent to add the course through their OnePort account. If the time expires, students must begin the waitlist process over again.
  6. If students place themselves on the waitlist and decide they no longer want to take the course, they must log in to OnePort and drop themselves off the waitlist so the next student can be notified.


General Registration Information for New Students

Once students have applied and been accepted, they will receive a letter of acceptance giving their OnePort login information and other important instructions to complete in order to be able to register when registration opens for them. New degree-seeking students are required to complete an online pre-registration form in order to get registered so it is important to read the acceptance letter carefully as well as any other communication received from UNC Asheville for more details and information.

General Registration Information for Current Students

Each semester, advising will occur in March for summer and fall registration, and in October for spring registration. Students meet with their assigned advisor to discuss what classes to take and to obtain their registration access number (RAN) which is required in order to be able to register for classes.

Registration occurs for current students in April, for summer and fall classes, and in November for spring classes. Registration is based on a student's earned hours with 105+ earned hours beginning first. Earned hours do not include any hours for which students are currently registered unless they have been graded.

Every semester, a registration calendar is posted on the Registrar's website. The registration calendar gives the timeline when registration begins for each grouping of earned hours. Web Registration is available 24 hours a day.

Students should remember to check for any registration holds on their account prior to their registration appointment time! They should do this via their OnePort account.

For more information or for detailed steps on how to register, please visit the Academic Success Center.