Exit prior to the semester start through the first week of classes

Students who need to exit the university prior to classes starting or during the first week of a fall/spring semester should submit the Enrollment Notification Form. (Use this form to tell us if you’re not returning for fall 2024 — it will reopen late March)

When a student exits, there will be no record of the course on the academic transcript (no ‘W’ grade). A readmission application will be required to return.

Withdrawing During the Withdrawal Period

Students who find that they must withdraw from the University after the drop/add week:

For one or more courses, but not all, please submit the Single Course Withdrawal form 

For all courses, please submit the Complete Withdrawal form

A withdrawal results in a ‘W’ grade on the academic transcript. While a withdrawal does not impact GPA, there may be an impact on your Academic Standing or financial aid eligibility. Complete Withdrawals result in the standing of ‘Academic Warning’.

Failure to submit the form and “officially” withdraw may affect the student’s academic record, financial aid award, and student account balance.

Students who wish to discuss the academic consequence of a withdrawal should contact the Academic Success Center.

For information on the financial impact of withdrawing, including the refund schedule, please visit the Student Accounts website.

Hardship Withdrawal

The Hardship Withdrawal policy exists for students who encounter an unforeseen extraordinary situation such as a serious illness or injury or some other significant personal situation, which prevents the student from being able to successfully continue in their classes. Withdrawal granted due to Hardship do not count towards the student’s withdrawal limit. If a student’s situation is unusually severe, or an emergency, the committee may consider petitions that are retroactive for a previous semester; however, proposals will not be considered if submitted more than one calendar year beyond the date the initial grade was earned.

For details on the Hardship Withdrawal procedure, including the required forms and documentation, please visit the Hardship Withdrawal website.

Withdrawal Limit & Deadline Information

Students may withdraw from a maximum of 16 hours during their entire time at UNC Asheville. During the fall or spring semester, students may withdrawal from a course through the end of the 9th week of class, and a Term I or Term II course through the end of the 4th week of classes. Please see the academic calendar for the deadlines of a specific semester and summer session.

How does withdrawing from a class affect my standing?

Withdrawals count towards attempted hours, which are included in calculating academic standing and financial aid eligibility. Withdrawing from a course may also affect your enrollment as a full-time student, which could affect your ability to live on campus.

If withdrawing from a course will put you below 12 credit hours (which is the minimum to be considered a full-time student), please note the following:

  1. If you live on campus, a notification will be sent to the Dean of Students.
  2. If you receive Financial Aid, you will need to acknowledge the potential impact on the online withdrawal form.

While a withdrawal is not automatically assumed to blemish a student’s academic record, the frequency of withdrawals is a concern. For instance, a student who opts to withdraw from a course every semester may attract further scrutiny of their transcripts since such activity may indicate a problem in gauging their ability to handle their academic load.

All withdrawal forms can be found on the Registrar’s Forms page.