Senior Auditors

In accordance N.C. General Statute (G.S.115B-2.2), UNC Asheville allows NC residents over the age of 65 to audit courses.

Eligibility Requirements

Seniors 65 years of age or older, are a North Carolina resident as defined by the institution, and meet applicable admission standards are eligible to audit on a tuition-free basis. Senior auditors are required to provide documentation to prove eligibility (proof of age and NC residence) through a driver’s license, state id card, or other government-issued document at the time of application.

Course Availability

Audit registration for seniors is on a seat availability only and will be processed starting the same date as non-degree student registration. Applications will not be accepted after the drop/add period.

Types of Courses Covered and Exempted.

Auditing of courses under this policy is permitted only in lecture-based courses and not in courses that require laboratories, studios, or performances. Auditing is not permitted in online distance education courses, independent studies courses, internships, special topics, or other special courses as outlined in institutional policies.

Academic and Conduct Requirements

Senior auditors must comply with all current course audit policies. Senior auditors are held to the same performance standards set by the institution and instructor for similarly classified students, including meeting course prerequisites and other applicable course restrictions. Senior auditors are expected to comply with the institution’s academic and student conduct policies. Failure to adhere to these policies may lead to dismissal from the audited course(s) or other sanctions, including prohibition from campus.


Senior auditors are not charged application fees or tuition. Fees associated with parking, books, and specific course fees remain the responsibility of the student. Some student services, such as use of the student recreation center, could be limited or require an additional cost.

Enrolling as a Senior Auditor
Submit a request:
Senior Auditor Applicationfor new or inactive students
Senior Auditor Registration formfor active students (enrolled in the prior semester)
It is recommended that you first identify the course you wish to take and connect with the instructor for approval before completing the form.

Note: If you register for more than four (4) credit hours, you will need to comply with the immunization requirements under North Carolina state law. Please contact the Health and Counseling Center at 828.251.6887 for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Success Center at