Repeat Policy

Repeating Courses & Replacing Grades


Students may repeat a course in which they earned a grade that is less than C (C-, D+, D, F or U). The grades from all course attempts will be used in the calculation of the student’s grade point average, and the total attempted hours will increase with each repeat. However, students will earn hours for only one of the successful attempts.

Students have the option to replace the grades in courses for a maximum of 16 hours, and use the new grades in the calculation of the grade-point average. The grades for the initial attempts will remain on the student’s permanent record and appear on the student’s transcript, but will not calculate into the grade-point average. The credit hours from all attempts will count in the student’s attempted hours.


  • Repeating courses may negatively affect the student’s ability to satisfy the Financial Aid and Academic Standing Completion Ratio standards.
  • Students who have graduated cannot file requests for retroactive grade replacements, and cannot replace the grades in courses taken prior to graduation.
  • Repeat courses must be taken at UNC Asheville and have the exact same subject, course number, and content.

Students wishing to repeat a course and/or replace the grade must submit the Repeat Course form to the Academic Success Center in order for the registration to be processed.