Proxy Access (Online FERPA Release)

Students wanting to release non-directory information to parents or other specified individuals, referred to as proxies, may do so online through their OnePort account using their UNC Asheville log-in credentials. Students can authorize view access to their unofficial academic transcript, including grades, their schedule of classes, account summary for charges, and financial aid. Proxies will then receive email instructions on how to access a separate, secure online portal.  The portal does require a log in to view the information pages to which the student has granted access. See below for more information on how to set up a proxy. Once the setup is completed, the defined proxy will have view access to the information granted by the student through an online portal.

Steps in Granting Access to a Proxy (FERPA Release)

You, the student, can authorize any relative or non-relative as a proxy to view portions of your academic record as long as that individual has a valid email address.

While you are completing the steps below, your proxy will be receiving emails instructing them on their next steps to finalize their access. Thus, it is important that you complete all steps in sequence at one time to ensure your proxy doesn’t experience any issues with finalizing their access.

  1. Log in to your OnePort account.
  2. Click on the Self Service Banner link on the leftside menu.
  3. Click on Proxy Access, under the Students menu.
  4. Click to Add Proxy.
  5. Type in the required information including a valid email address for the proxy. This is not your email address. This email address will allow the proxy to receive communications necessary to finalize the set up of their account access.
  6. Once you have entered the required information, click on Add Proxy again. Continue with the process by defining your relationship with the proxy. Be as specific as possible and be sure to include a Passphrase (must be a minimum of 8 characters and can be numbers, letters or a combination of both). The proxy must know the passphrase in order to be given information when they call on the phone and speak with university faculty or staff. It helps verify the identity of the individual calling and requesting information. Be sure to keep the passphrase private between you and your proxy.
  7. You will also notice the start and stop date fields. This allows you the ability to control the duration your proxy is able to view your information. The end date can be as far into the future as you would like it to be, however, access is deactivated anytime you are not a currently enrolled student.
  8. Click to email the passphrase to the proxy so they will know it should they call and request information over the phone.  University faculty and staff cannot disclose passphrase information so if your proxy forgets it, they must contact you to get it.
  9. Finally, go to the Authorizations tab and select the check boxes next to the information you wish for your proxy to be able to view. If you check the top box, all boxes will be checked for you.  However, you can also individually select them if you do not wish for all information to be viewed by the proxy.  Be sure to click the email authorizations link if you want to email the authorizations you have granted to your proxy.
  10. You have now completed the set up for your proxy to have view access!

Information for Parents & Other Third Party Proxies

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents may not have access to their student’s record without the student’s consent. Students grant access to parents, guardians and other third parties through their OnePort account. Detailed information about FERPA at UNC Asheville may be reviewed in the Confidentiality of Student Records section.

Requirements for Parent or Third Party (Proxy) Access

Students can designate any person they wish to be able to view portions of their academic and/or financial records. If they choose to do so, they may grant access to the following information: the student’s Unofficial Transcript (includes grades, and coursework taken at UNC Asheville), Student Accounts, Financial Aid and Class Schedule.

All parents, or other third party proxies, must have a valid email address to be granted access. The same email address cannot be used more than once; i.e. each parent cannot establish a login with the same email address.

Parents, and other third party proxies, are encouraged to discuss with the student the need to establish a passphrase. The passphrase, if provided, would be used to verify the identity of the parent, or other third party proxy, when phone calls or other inquiries are received. The passphrase is, or can be, different for each individual proxy.

Students should communicate the passphrase to the proxy by clicking the “Email Passphrase” link in the proxy access pages through their OnePort account. If a passphrase is not provided, or the proxy forgets the passphrase, no information will be provided over the phone and the proxy should contact the student for the passphrase information.

In addition, establishing a passphrase does not guarantee that information requested can be released. Information directly related to the access granted by the student may be discussed. However, additional information about his/her student record or financial information may not be discussed if it is determined that it is not related to, or a part of, what has been authorized by the student.

Parent or Third Party Proxy Login

This login is for parents and other designated proxies, as defined by the student, who have already completed the initial login access process.

Parents, and other proxies, must not release information made accessible to them by a student via this proxy login system. All information is personal and confidential. In addition, your PIN should never be shared. If you suspect that someone else may know your proxy credentials, enter your email address and then reset your PIN using the “Forgot PIN” or “Reset PIN” button.