Grades & Credit Hours


How can I retake a course I failed and replace the grade?

  • Students have the option to repeat and replace the grades in courses for which the grade earned was less than C (C‐, D+, D, F or U). This grade replacement option is available for a maximum of sixteen (16) hours of coursework. The new grade will be used in the calculation of the grade‐point average. However, all course attempts and grades will appear on the student’s transcript and the credit hours from all attempts will count in the student’s attempted hours. The student’s transcript will indicate when a course has been repeated for grade replacement purposes.  Students who have graduated cannot file requests for retroactive grade replacements, and cannot replace the grades in courses taken prior to graduation.
  • If students repeat more than sixteen (16) hours in which they earned a grade that is less than C, the original grade will not be replaced. The grades from all course attempts will be used in the calculation of the student’s grade point average, and the total attempted hours will increase with each repeat. However, students will earn hours for only one of the successful attempts.  The student’s transcript will indicate when a course has been repeated.
  • To execute the repeat/replace option, the student must submit the online Repeat Course form. Students are not able to register for a repeated course online until this form is submitted.

What do I need to do to request an Incomplete grade in a course?

An instructor may give a grade of Incomplete (I) at the student’s request, on the grounds of some occurrence beyond the student’s control causing him or her to miss final examinations or some other limited amount of work at the end of the semester or term. Requests must be made before the end of the last class day and the reason stated in writing. If the reason is acceptable, the instructor will submit the Incomplete Grade on the final grade roster, the deadline date for the outstanding coursework to be submitted, and a grade to be recorded in the event that the student fails to make up the work. We recommend the instructor communicate the specific work to be made up and the date due to the student in writing. The date due can be no later than four weeks prior to the end of the term immediately following, summer terms not included. Students cannot graduate with an outstanding incomplete grade on their record.

What is an “In Progress (IP) grade?

An instructor may give an In-Progress (IP) grade to a student enrolled in a specially designated research course when the research has not been completed by the end of the semester. Following completion of the research, a grade change form must be used to replace the IP with a regular grade. Course descriptions indicate if an IP grade may be given for a course. Students cannot graduate with an outstanding IP on their record.

What should I do if I think a grade is incorrect?

Contact your instructor. Only the instructor can make a change to a grade or request a change be made to the Office of the Registrar.

What is my classification?

Degree seeking students are classified according to the number of semester hours of credit earned which means that hours a student is currently registered for in a term do NOT count towards their classification.

  • Freshmen – up to 29 semester hours
  • Sophomore – 30 – 59 semester hours
  • Junior – 60-89 semester hours
  • Senior – 90 or more semester hours

What counts toward attempted hours?

Every course for which a student is enrolled at the end of the last day of the drop-add period receives a grade and counts toward attempted hours. Courses transferred in also count in attempted hours.

How many credit hours of enrollment are required to be considered full-time?

A student enrolled in 12 or more credit hours at the undergraduate level is considered a full time student. Graduate students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours of graduate level coursework are considered full time.

If I withdraw from a course or audit a course will I still be enrolled full-time?

Audit and ‘W’ grades do not count toward full-time enrollment. Students who withdraw or audit a course should be sure that it does not take them below the minimum 12 (undergraduate) or 9 (graduate) semester hours required to be full-time. Eligibility for Financial Aid, participation in athletics, loans, insurance and veteran benefits may be affected for students who fall below this minimum.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

It’s important to know how to calculate your grade point average (GPA). This allows you to fully understand how each new grade will affect your GPA. Knowing how to calculate your GPA allows you to conduct “what-if” scenarios at the beginning of each semester and use the results to set goals for yourself.

How to calculate your current GPA

  1. Log into OnePort
  2. Select the Student tab
  3. Choose Academic Services
  4. Click “continue” under Banner Services
  5. Choose Student & Financial Aid
  6. Select Student Records
  7. Click Unofficial Academic Transcript and submit.
  8. Scroll to the bottom on your last semester with grades and you’ll see your attempted, passed, earned and gpa hours.

Divide your total Quality Points by your total GPA Hours. For example, (179.33/79)=2.27 GPA

GradPlan also includes a GPA calculator.

How to Perform a What-if GPA Calculation

ClassCredit HoursAnticipated GradeGrade ValueQuality Points (Hours x Grade Value)
HUM 1244B+3.3313.32
PSYC 1023A412
HW 1711U00
LIT 2413C+2.336.99
MCOM 3803B-2.678.01
  1. Combine the total Quality Points from your transcript with the Projected Quality Points from the chart above. Write this number down (179.33+40.32) = 219.65
  2. Combine the total GPA Hours from your transcript with the Projected Credit Hours from the chart above. Write this number down (79+14) = 93
  3. Divide the newly calculated total Quality Points (219.65) by your newly calculated total GPA Hours (93) = 2.36

The GPA is determined by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of quality hours attempted (“quality points” and “quality hours” are derived from courses graded as listed below). The GPA is computed only on the basis of coursework taken at UNC Asheville.

  • A 4 quality points per semester hour
  • A- 3.67 quality points per semester hour
  • B+ 3.33 quality points per semester hour
  • B 3 quality points per semester hour
  • B- 2.67 quality points per semester hour
  • C+ 2.33 quality points per semester hour
  • C 2 quality points per semester hour
  • C- 1.67 quality points per semester hour
  • D+ 1.33 quality points per semester hour
  • D 1 quality point per semester hour
  • F,U 0 quality points
  • S, X/Y, W, I and IP carry no quality points and are not including in the calculation of the Grade-point average (GPA)