Frequently Asked Questions

General Information Questions:

How can I restrict my directory information?

Students may choose to restrict disclosure of directory information by visiting the Office of the Registrar and filing a Directory Restriction form. By signing this form, students request that no information be released about them outside the University. The student’s record is flagged as “confidential” which notifies University Officials that directory information cannot be released. Students are notified when they file this form that their name cannot be published for Dean’s List or other publications announcing student achievements. This remains in effect until the student notifies the Office of the Registrar in writing that they wish to have the directory restriction removed.

How can I obtain proof of my enrollment (enrollment verification) at UNC Asheville?

Students can request enrollment verifications online through the National Student Clearinghouse by logging into their OnePort account. Read more..

How can I order a copy of my transcript?

The Office of the Registrar processes official transcript requests only. Current students can order free official transcripts online by logging into their OnePort account. Former students and alumni can also order transcripts online through the National Student Clearinghouse for a nominal processing fee. Read more.. If a student is in his/her first semester at UNC Asheville, they must wait until they have completed their first semester and the grades in their courses have been posted before a transcript can be sent.

Note: Transcripts cannot be faxed. When ordering, students may request that they be mailed or held for pickup in the Office of the Registrar. Students must present a picture ID when picking up a copy of their transcript and transcripts cannot be released to a third party without the prior written consent of the student.

Current students wanting an unofficial copy of their transcript should access their OnePort account and print out the Unofficial Academic Transcript accessible online. The Office of the Registrar does not print unofficial transcripts.

What is UNC Asheville’s policy on the copying of transcripts from other institutions?

Transcripts and other documents from other institutions are the property of UNC Asheville and cannot be returned to the student or forwarded to other institutions. Under Federal policy, the student has the right to view the documents in their file. The university is not required to provide or allow the making of copies of these documents.

Why am I listed as an out of state student?

The initial determination of residency status is made by the Office of Admissions when a student applies to the university. If a student feels a mistake was made, they should contact the Office of Admissions first. If they are still considered to be an out of state resident by Admissions, they may apply for in-state residency status by filing a Residency Application in the Office of the Registrar and submitting copies of documentation to support their claim. The normal processing time is 4-6 weeks. Residency deadlines for each semester are posted on the Office of the Registrar’s website. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for in-state residency. A student cannot request residency status to be retroactive for a given semester.

How can I update my addresses?

Students can update their addresses online via their OnePort account. Read more..

Where can I find out important dates of the semester?

Important dates of the semester are listed on the Academic Calendar available online. This calendar includes dates such as when classes begin, the last day to drop/add and the last day to withdraw.

Where can I get my copy of the university catalog?

New catalogs for the upcoming academic year are available in print around mid-October. An online version is available. Current students can show their One Card in the Office of Admissions to receive a copy of the University catalog.

Am I eligible for VA Benefits?

The VA prefers that students go ahead and apply for benefits, so we do not determine this. Students can check the VA website at for information and the application. Students can apply in the Office of the Registrar, but it is preferred by the VA that they do it online. Most questions regarding veterans should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Academic Progress Related Questions:

What are the requirements for the Dean’s List?

The Dean’s List honors those students who complete a minimum full-time load of 12 semester hours, have no grade lower than a C, have no Incomplete or IP grades, and have a GPA of at least a 3.5 for the semester.

What are the requirements for Chancellor’s List?

Students are qualified for the Chancellor’s List if they earn a 4.0 with a minimum of 12 semester hours and have no Incomplete or IP grades.

What does Good Academic Standing mean?

Good academic standing for students means they are eligible to enroll at UNC Asheville for the current and upcoming semester. If students wish to visit another institution, they may do so even if their GPA is below a 2.0 as long as they are considered eligible to attend UNC Asheville for that semester.

How do I calculate my Grade Point Average (GPA)?

The GPA is determined by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of quality hours attempted ("quality points" and "quality hours" are derived from courses graded as listed below). The GPA is computed only on the basis of coursework taken at UNC Asheville.

  • A 4 quality points per semester hour
  • A- 3.67 quality points per semester hour
  • B+ 3.33 quality points per semester hour
  • B 3 quality points per semester hour
  • B- 2.67 quality points per semester hour
  • C+ 2.33 quality points per semester hour
  • C 2 quality points per semester hour
  • C- 1.67 quality points per semester hour
  • D+ 1.33 quality points per semester hour
  • D 1 quality point per semester hour
  • F,U 0 quality points
  • S, X/Y, W, I and IP carry no quality points and are not including in the calculation of the Grade-point average (GPA)

What is my classification?

Degree seeking students are classified according to the number of semester hours of credit earned which means that hours a student is currently registered for in a term do NOT count towards their classification.

  • Freshmen – up to 29 semester hours
  • Sophomore – 30 – 59 semester hours
  • Junior – 60-89 semester hours
  • Senior – 90 or more semester hours

What counts toward attempted hours?

Every course for which a student is enrolled at the end of the last day of the drop-add period receives a grade and counts toward attempted hours. Courses transferred in also count in attempted hours.

How can I make sure I avoid being suspended/dismissed?

Students must maintain a grade point average at the appropriate levels as stated in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the university catalog in order to be enrolled at UNC Asheville. All students are responsible for reviewing this information and knowing their own status within the required levels.

Registration Related Questions:

When will the schedule of classes be available online?

The schedule of classes is available for viewing on the web after the designated Fall Break for the upcoming Spring semester and after the designated Spring Break for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters.

When is Early Registration and when does the web open?

The Office of the Registrar produces a Registration Calendar that is updated each semester with appropriate dates for registration indicating when web registration is accessible as well as access dates and times for each classification of student. This calendar is updated for the upcoming semester at least a week before advising begins for that semester.

How many credit hours of enrollment are required to be considered full-time?

A student enrolled in 12 or more credit hours at the undergraduate level is considered a full time student. Graduate students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours of graduate level coursework are considered full time.

How do I audit a course?

Students can sign up to audit a course (or change the status of a course they are already enrolled in to audit status) beginning the last official day of drop/add up until the last day to withdraw from a course for a particular term. Audits require the instructor’s permission and are on a space-available basis. Students have to pay the regular tuition and fees for the course, however, students who are already enrolled in a full-time status may audit a course at no additional charge. Satisfactory completion of the course work as defined by the instructor shall result in the awarding of non-graduation credit (X grade) for the course. Failure to satisfactorily complete the course work shall result in a non-completion (Y) grade.

How can I retake a course I failed and replace the grade?

Students have the option to repeat and replace the grades in courses for which the grade earned was less than C (C‐, D+, D, F or U). This grade replacement option is available for a maximum of twelve (12) hours of coursework. The new grade will be used in the calculation of the grade‐point average. However, all course attempts and grades will appear on the student’s transcript and the credit hours from all attempts will count in the student’s attempted hours. The student’s transcript will indicate when a course has been repeated for grade replacement purposes.  Students who have graduated cannot file requests for retroactive grade replacements, and cannot replace the grades in courses taken prior to graduation.

If students repeat more than twelve hours in which they earned a grade that is less than C, the original grade will not be replaced. The grades from all course attempts will be used in the calculation of the student’s grade point average, and the total attempted hours will increase with each repeat. However, students will earn hours for only one of the successful attempts.  The student’s transcript will indicate when a course has been repeated.

Repeating courses may negatively affect the student’s ability to satisfy the Financial Aid and Good Academic Standing Completion Ratio standards. Students wishing to repeat a course and/or replace the grade must submit the Repeat Course form to the OneStop office in order for the registration to be processed.

If I withdraw from a course or audit a course will I still be enrolled full-time?

Audit and 'W' grades do not count toward full-time enrollment. Students who withdraw or audit a course should be sure that it does not take them below the minimum 12 (undergraduate) or 9 (graduate) semester hours required to be full-time. Eligibility for Financial Aid, participation in athletics, loans, insurance and veteran benefits may be affected for students who fall below this minimum.

Grade Related Questions:

What do I need to do to request an Incomplete grade in a course?

An instructor may give a grade of Incomplete (I) at the student’s request, on the grounds of some occurrence beyond the student’s control causing him or her to miss final examinations or some other limited amount of work at the end of the semester or term. The student should request the incomplete to the instructor before the end of the last class day in writing stating the reason for the request. The date due can be no later than four weeks prior to the end of the term immediately following, summer terms not included. The instructor must submit the grade to be recorded in the event that the student fails to make up the work and the deadline date in OnePort when the Incomplete grade is posted. Students cannot graduate with an outstanding incomplete grade on their record.

What is an “In Progress (IP) grade?

An instructor may give an In-Progress (IP) grade to a student enrolled in a specially designated research course when the research has not been completed by the end of the semester. Following completion of the research, a grade change form must be used to replace the IP with a regular grade. Course descriptions indicate if an IP grade may be given for a course. Students cannot graduate with an outstanding IP on their record.

What should I do if I think a grade is incorrect?

You should contact your instructor. Only the instructor can make a change to a grade or request a change be made to the Office of the Registrar.