Drop/Add, Late Add and Withdrawals


During the registration period, you can add and/or drop courses online via OnePort.

You can only add or drop courses online; audits or withdrawals require additional paperwork, which is available within the Academic Success Center.

How do I change my schedule after the add/drop deadline has passed?

During the second week of class in a fall or spring semester, students may still add a course with permission by bringing a completed Late Add form to the Academic Success Center. After that in order to add a class, the student must petition and remember there is no guarantee that a petition will be approved.

Students may withdraw from a course during the 2nd to 6th week of class in a fall/spring semester. After the drop/add period ends which is the first week of class in fall/spring, a student's only option to leave a class is to withdraw. There is no "late drop." Please see the academic calendar for summer withdrawal dates.

Students have the opportunity to petition for an enrollment exception (such as a Late Add or Late Withdrawal from a course after the corresponding deadlines have passed). If you pursue this option, remember this form is a petition - approval is contingent upon proving that extenuating circumstances kept you from being able to make an enrollment change within the designated deadline. Completion of this form does not automatically guarantee approval; therefore, it is important for you to provide a thorough explanation of your circumstances and supporting documentation.

Students claiming medical reasons for their request should submit a Medical Statement form.

Late Add

This period lasts during the 6th - 10th days of the semester. Students seeking to add a course to their schedule during this period must fill out a late add form in the Academic Success Center and get it signed by both the instructor and Chair of the Department for the course in order for it to be processed.


If a student no longer wants to be enrolled in a course and does not drop the course during the first 5 days of the semester, a withdrawal form must be submitted. Special attention is required for the 2 boxes in the middle of the form to determine if signatures from the Dean of Students and Financial Aid are necessary.

Withdrawal from a full semester course: The withdrawal period begins on the 6th day of the semester and lasts through the end of the 8th week for fall and spring semesters.

Can I audit a class instead of withdrawing from it?

It depends.  If you want or need to take the course again in the future, an audit may be more appropriate. Auditing a course will allow you to continue to attend the course and be exposed to the course material, which may assist in the future when you enroll in the course again. Audit forms require the instructor's signature, which is indicative that a discussion and mutual agreement about performance expectations has been met between the instructor and student.

Regular tuition and fees still apply for audited courses.