Civitas Advising

What is it?

Civitas provides advisors easy access to student information, communication, and collaborative support tools to simplify the advising and student support process. This solution is provided without additional work required by the faculty advisor but rather creating efficiencies in the advising role.

Scope of use 

Instructor Role

Advisor Role

  • Outreach to your assigned advisees who receive an alert. Here are instructions on how to review alerts and outreach to your advisee
  • Connect with your advisees at the usual times you might consider outreaching, for example:
    • A welcome or hello at the start of the semester
    • At the start of the Advising period
    • After the registration period, with a message that varies based on whether or not they registered.
  • Keep an eye on your advisees Persistence Prediction indicator and outreach when there is a noticeable decline.
    • This is an internal indicator, used only to guide and inform timely outreach and support to those students most in need of it at any given point in the semester. Sharing the “persistence prediction” with students has shown to be more harmful than good. We ask that you maintain this confidentiality and not share the indicator with your students.
  • Note taking (These are not visible to the student whereas GradPlan notes are visible to the student.)

Frequently Asked Questions – A series of questions available to learn more about the tool, including the Persistence Prediction indicator, and how you might use it as an instructor or advisor.

Training videos – A series of videos are available to learn more about the tool and specific features/functions.