Civitas Advising

What is it?

  • It digitizes and makes visible student behaviors that you notice individually but that we need to act on collectively. 
  • A tool to make what you’re already doing easier!

Sources of Data: Banner and Moodle


Scope of use – Required

Instructor Role

  • Academic Alerts – To be entered in week 2 for any students who have never attended (NA) and in week 6 for all student, in all courses.

Advisor Role

  • Outreach to your assigned advisees who receive an alert.  


Scope of use – Optional

Advisor Role

  • To connect with your advisees at the usual times you might consider outreaching, for example:
    • A welcome or hello at the start of the semester
    • At the start of the Advising period
    • After the registration period, with a message that varies based on whether or not they registered.
  • Keep an eye on your advisees Persistence Prediction Score, which serves as an “engagement rating”, and outreach when there is a noticeable decline.
  • Note taking (These are not visible to the student whereas GradPlan notes are visible to the student.)


Training plan

Summer 2022 – Explore the self-guided videos (Coming to this page soon!) 

Fall 2022 – August 11 & 12, in Mullen James Hall.

Division Date / Time
HumanitiesAugust 11, 10-11:30am
Natural ScienceAugust 11, 1-2:30pm
Social ScienceAugust 12, 10-11:30am
Make-up SessionAugust 12, 1-2:30pm