First-Year Seminar

The First-Year Seminar, FYS 178, introduces students to education in a liberal arts environment, assisting them in making the transition to UNC Asheville. FYS 178 is required for all incoming first-year students. To facilitate the first‐year college student’s transition to UNC Asheville, FYS 178 will address topics that are important to a “first year experience,” including time and money management, health, academic advising, effective use of college resources, and an appreciation of the rhythms of the academic year.

FYS 178 integrates information and intellectual approaches from different disciplines, directly addressing the nature of a liberal arts education. To introduce students to opportunities specific to our campus, they will be encouraged to see the campus within the civic and academic communities, understanding how they have the ability to influence and affect each. They can explore the responsibilities of the liberally educated and have an opportunity to experience cultural events and special opportunities offered by the campus.

First‐year students must successfully complete FYS 178 within their first two semesters at UNC Asheville, regardless of an intent to transfer to a different institution.

Students may receive credit for only one section of FYS 178. The First-Year seminar cannot count for any other LAC or departmental curriculum requirements. If a student does not receive a grade of C or better in FYS 178 and wishes to replace that grade, they may do so by completing another FYS 178 course, of equal credit and level, regardless of prefix.

Faculty interested in offering a First-Year Seminar should contact Dr. Regine Criser, FYS Coordinator, at for more information and to be added to the FYS Faculty Resource page in Moodle.