Academic Warning

Academic Warning is just that - a warning. It's a chance to re-evaluate your academic strengths and challenges, study habits, and lifestyle choices that may be negatively affecting your ability to fully reach your academic potential. While on Academic Warning, you need to discuss strategies for success with your advisor and take full advantage of the resources available on campus.

How Students are Placed on Academic Warning

Students are placed on Academic Warning when their UNC Asheville GPA falls below 2.0 (C average) OR their semester GPA is below 2.0 OR their successful completion rate (earned hours divided by attempted hours), either for the semester or cumulative, is less than 67%. For more information about our Academic Standing policy, please see the Course Catalog.

Keep in mind that transfer credits do not count towards the GPA.


Students on Academic Warning must meet the following requirements each semester until they are back in Good Standing:

  1. Earn at least a 2.25 semester gpa (approximately a C+ average)
  2. Earn a 70% or above completion ratio.
  3. Complete our Academic Success Program.


Students on Academic Warning who do not earn at least a 2.25 and 70% completion ratio the following semester (fall/spring/summer) will be suspended.