Academic Suspension

Because students with persistent academic difficulties often benefit with some time away from school, any student who has been on Academic Warning for one semester may be suspended if they don't meet the minimum GPA requirements.

Who can be suspended?

Any student can be suspended - freshmen, transfers, non-degree, visiting. Students must be on Academic Warning for one semester before being suspended. There is one exception; students who receive any combination of all F, W or U grades in a semester will face suspension.

Returning after suspension

After suspension, students are eligible to apply for re-enrollment through the Registrar's Office. Students readmitted from suspension are limited to 15 credit hours in Fall or Spring semesters and one course per Summer term until their cumulative GPA reaches 2.0 or higher. In addition, students returning from suspension must meet the following 2 conditions to avoid academic dismissal:

  1. earn a 2.25 semester GPA during each semester of enrollment until their cumulative GPA is a 2.0 or higher AND
  2. successfully complete at least 70% of attempted hours in each subsequent semester until in Good Academic Standing.

Students are also required to participate in our Academic Success Program as a condition of their enrollment.

Academic Dismissal

Students who return from suspension and fail to meet the criteria listed above will be dismissed from UNC Asheville.


If you believe that uncontrollable extenuating circumstances contributed to your Suspension or Dismissal, you may appeal to the Enrollment Services Committee to be allowed to continue attending UNC Asheville. Your dismissal or suspension letter will contain the information on how to appeal.