Academic Standing

Academic Standing establishes whether or not you are progressing through your courses in an acceptable manner. Your Academic Standing also determines whether you are included on the Dean's List or the Chancellor's List.

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How UNC Asheville determines Academic Standing

Academic Standing is determined by both your gpa and completion ratio, which is the number of classes you attempt versus the number of classes for which you earn credit. Withdrawals and failed classes count against a student's completion ratio.

In order to be in Good Academic Standing, students must have a semester and cumulative GPA at 2.0 or above, and a semester and cumulative completion ratio at 67% or more.

What are the requirements for the Dean’s List?

The Dean’s List honors those students who complete a minimum full-time load of 12 semester hours, have no grade lower than a C, have no Incomplete or IP grades, and have a GPA of at least a 3.5 for the semester.

What are the requirements for Chancellor’s List?

Students are qualified for the Chancellor’s List if they earn a 4.0 with a minimum of 12 semester hours and have no Incomplete or IP grades.