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Registration occurs online via OnePort in most cases. To be eligible to register, an individual must be either a current student at UNC Asheville in good academic standing or a newly accepted student who has met any necessary deadlines for enrollment confirmation with Admissions.

For New Students:

Once students have applied and been accepted, they will receive a letter of acceptance giving their OnePort login information and other important instructions to complete in order to be able to register when registration opens for them.  Often times, new students are required to attend a new student orientation in order to get registered so it is important to read the acceptance letter carefully as well as any other communication received from UNC Asheville for more details and information.

For Current Students:

Each semester, advising will occur in March, for summer and fall registration, and in October for spring registration.  Students meet with their assigned advisor to discuss what classes to take, any holds they may have and to obtain their registration access number (RAN) which is required in order to be able to register for classes.

Early registration occurs for current students in April, for summer and fall classes, and in November for spring classes. Registration is based on a student's classification (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, etc) with seniors beginning first.  A student's classification is based on their earned hours and would not include any hours for which they are currently registered unless they have been graded. 

Every semester, a registration calendar is posted on the Registrar's website.  An announcement of its availability as well as a link is also accessible via OnePort.  The registration calendar gives the timeline when registration begins for each classification of student which is referred to as the registration appointment time. Unless otherwise noted, web registration remains open daily from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. during the designated early registration time period.

Students should remember to check for any registration holds on their account prior to their registration appointment time! They should do this via their OnePort account.

For more information or for detailed steps on how to register, stop by the OneStop Center! 

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