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NC Residency

group of studentsNorth Carolina Residency for Tuition Purposes

This website is designed as a resource for students interested in applying for North Carolina Residency for Tuition purposes at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  If you would like additional detailed information, please review the links provided, including the North Carolina Residency Manual.

Application for In-State Residency Instructions and Procedures

When you apply to UNC Asheville, your initial residency determination will be determined in the Admissions office and is based on the information you provided on your application.

If you are classified as an out-of-state resident and feel that you are a North Carolina resident, you may complete the long Application for NC Residency form. The deadline to submit the application along with all supporting documentation cannot be later than the 5th day of class for the term in which the student is seeking residency reclassification. All conditions necessary for achieving in-state status must still be satisfied prior to the beginning of the academic term for which the student is seeking reclassification. It is in your best interest to first read all of the information on the Residency website. When you are ready to apply:

  1. Make certain you complete all sections of the application.
  2. Make certain you attach any and all documentation that you believe prove your domicile and the dates they occurred. For more information, including possible factors involved in establishing domicile, please review the NC Residency Manual.  Please Note: Supporting documents will not be returned.  Students should retain copies of any documents they may need to reference in the future including a copy of the residency application submitted.
  3. Make certain any tax forms submitted are SIGNED and DATED.
  4. Applicants who are not U.S. citizens must also fill out the Supplemental form for Non U.S. Citizens to assist in the processing of their application.

Students who feel they may qualify for the military tuition benefit, should fill out the appropriate application form below, follow all the instructions and provide documentation as required.

Military Tuition Benefit

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed in the Office of the Registrar. One of three situations may occur in reviewing your application:

  1. You have proven your NC Residency for Tuition Purposes prior to the beginning of the term for which you are applying. You will receive a notification of the decision.
  2. A determination cannot be made due to lack of documentation. You will be notified via email and asked to provide the documentation requested. If the documentation is not received within three weeks of notification, a decision will be based on information in the application and documentation that was provided.
  3. You do not qualify for classification as a NC Resident for Tuition Purposes; you will be notified with instructions for appeal.

If you feel that an error was made in reviewing your file and/or you have new information, you may appeal to the Campus NC Residency Appeal Committee. Instructions are included in letters of denial from the Office of the Registrar.

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