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Office of the Registrar  

Graduation Requirements

The FINAL RESPONSIBILITY for scheduling and taking all courses required for the degree lies with the student, not with an advisor or with any other member of the campus community.

The following information answers some frequently asked questions.

  1. All majors, minors and teacher licensures must be declared (by completing the correct form) prior to submitting a graduation application. You must also officially declare your chosen Topical Cluster. Please do this as soon as you know which Cluster you are completing.
  2. For graduation, you will need a minimum of 120 semester hours (more if requirements are not met). Only four hours of PE/HW/DAN fitness development/skill courses and eight hours from each of the music ensemble courses, MUSC 111-129 (20 hours maximum) can count toward the required 120 hours.
  3. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required overall, and in both your major and minor courses to graduate.
  4. A demonstration of competency (major, oral and computer) is required of all degree candidates. Find the competency requirements for your major in the catalog.
  5. You must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at the 300-400 level. This is a combined total of upper level courses in Integrative Liberal Studies/General Education, your major and electives. Courses from a two-year school, and lower level courses from a 4-year school do not count for this 30-hour requirement even if they are being used to fulfill a 300-400 level requirement at UNC Asheville.
  6. If you were given transfer credit for the Arts requirement (i.e. ARTS 310), the hours do not count toward the required 30 hours at 300-400 level, unless the transferred course was 300-400 level at the original institution.
  7. You must fulfill the Integrative Liberal Studies/General Education requirements in effect when you entered UNC Asheville as a degree-seeking student unless specifically exempted from the requirement, in writing, by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or his/her designee. You must meet the major requirements in effect when you declared your major OR changed your major and/or concentration unless an exception is made by the Department Chair, subject to the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  8. If you withdraw from UNC Asheville for one academic year or more, or transfer to another school and then return to UNC Asheville, you must meet the Integrative Liberal Studies/General Education and major requirements in effect when you return.
  9. If you have transfer credit from two-year schools, you must earn a minimum of 60 semester hours from four-year schools in order to graduate. If you attended only two-year schools prior to coming to UNC Asheville and were given transfer credit for more than 60 semester hours, you must complete at least 60 semester hours in residence at UNC Asheville, thus increasing your total required hours to graduate to more than 120. If you transferred from four-year schools and were given credit for more than 90 semester hours, you must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours (the last 30 hours) in residence at UNC Asheville.
  10. All transfer students must complete one-half of their major requirements at UNC Asheville. Post-graduate students seeking a second degree or students seeking a Certificate of Major must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours, with two-thirds of the major courses completed at UNC Asheville.
  11. If you are seeking teacher licensure, you must complete the education requirements in effect when you file your formal declaration with the Education Department. All required forms must be completed prior to submitting a graduation application. A 2.50 minimum GPA is required for licensure.
  12. If you repeat a course in which you earn a C-, D, F or U grade, a Repeat Course Form must be completed in order for the initial grade to be removed from your GPA. The grade will not be replaced, and the second attempt will not be counted unless this form is completed. Repeat Course Forms will not be processed after a student graduates, nor can courses be repeated for grade replacement after a student graduates. 
  13. Universitywide Latin Honors are figured on all UNC Asheville grades, and require a minimum of 60 semester hours earned at UNC Asheville. Latin Honor GPA cut-offs are 3.600, 3.750, and 3.900 for Cum laude, Magna cum laude, and Summa cum laude, respectively.
  14. Students who have been readmitted under the Conditional Readmission Policy are not eligible for Latin Honors, nor may they replace grades of C-, D, F or U.
  15. A 50% (percentage subject to change by the General Assembly) tuition surcharge is assessed to your account if you take more than 140 attempted hours to earn your degree. Students seeking second degrees are allowed 110% of degree requirements before the surcharge is imposed. Those earning a degree in 8 semesters or less are exempt from the surcharge, regardless of the number of attempted hours.
  16. You may request an updated copy of your graduation checksheet at any time from the Office of the Registrar. It will be available within three working days of the request.
  17. PLAN AHEAD. Check catalog course descriptions for frequency of course offerings. Not all courses are offered every semester.

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